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I've been playing piano since 1987 when I began receiving lessons from Michael Mahany. Michael is an amazing teacher, mentor and now a dear friend.  As a young adult I studied general music at Yavapai College and Music Composition at Arizona State University where I graduated with honors.

I've performed on many occasions and sometimes for large audiences. I enjoy playing piano classics, improvising and writing movie-score-style music & multi-media music. I've written several songs for others over the years.

I believe that musical expression, like any form of creativity, has the power to touch deep parts of ourselves and others. When I teach music I not only work with technical music and performance elements, but with the whole person. The realities of a person's life can be effected and transformed by the experience of being musical.  That in itself is an invaluable, priceless gift of musical expression.

I invite you to expand your musical horizons and enrich your musical life with me. It'll be fun!


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